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Yamaha 360 YZ Restored and prepared by us.

In 1986, Yamaha Motor became a co-owner of Öhlins. At the time they only had the 490 YZ to race in the open class, so Yamaha asked Öhlins to make a 360 cubic centimeter kit that would fit the 250 YZ from 1989 and up.
The goal was to have a motorcycle that was lighter than the 500 cubic centimeter CR and KX of the time. The 250 YZ handled better but the 500 CR and 500 KX still made more horsepower. The 360 Ölhins kit ran better and produced more horses, thanks to that, once prepared, the YZ 36Ö managed to hold the large displacements.

Stéphan Peterhansel took part in the enduro world championship riding a YZ mounted in 360 Ölhins!

Regarding the model on sale, it is a 250 YZ from 1994 prepared with a 360 Ölhins kit which has its registration document up to date.

After preparation, we took the time to adjust it and test it in the 2023 French enduro classic championship.

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Yamaha 360 WR Ölhins 1994

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